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Googol Solutions designs, implements and delivers business-driven technology solutions that enable...


Googol Solutions is looking for strategic alliances to fulfill mandates with like-minded companies...

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Googol Solutions has been providing strategic consulting, application services, technology solutions and managed services to Global 2000 companies for over a decade. We help our clients achieve results by identifying critical issues and implementing innovative and customized solutions designed to generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time.

The word Googol was introduced by U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner around 1938, whose nine-year-old nephew allegedly invented it when asked for a name for an enormous number. Kasner created it to illustrate the difference between an unimaginably large number and infinity.

The word Googol is pronounced as ( goo-gawl, -gol, -guhl )


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Technological innovation and pioneering products and services drive growth and...


Googol Solutions has provided services to many advanced technology projects...


Googol Solutions offers timely, reliable, high quality information technology staffing services...

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Our approach to solutions management and marketing makes us stand out from the...
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Business Innovation

Business innovation refers to the process of creating new products, services, or processes that provide unique value to customers 

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics refers to the use of advanced techniques and tools to analyze complex data sets and uncover insights

Committed Quality

Committed quality refers to a dedication to producing high-quality work or products. It involves setting high standards