We at Googol Solutions look to hire exceptional people and provide them with opportunities that they will not find elsewhere. We are looking for opinion-formers, people who prize a culture based on respect, collaboration, and new ideas, and who have a passion for delivering solutions to the most complex and challenging issues for our clients.

Googol Solutions offers a career, not just a job, but also an environment where individuals and ideas matter.

If you think you have the experience and talent to work with high calibre colleagues on complex and high profile projects, we’d like to hear from you!! In return we’ll provide you the opportunities, support, and training, for you to develop your career to the fullest of your capabilities, because it’s not just what you’ve done that’s interesting to us – it’s what you are capable of achieving.

Choice & Diversity

Googol Solutions offers a multi-cultural experience. You can be sure you will have the freedom to develop a challenging and diverse career.

Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, Local Professional Services  your career can span on any or you might want to specialize in one.

Googol Solutions is committed to ensuring that all individuals are shown respect; everyone is treated fairly; and that each individual is valued.

Reasons For Joining Us

People join us for a variety of reasons: to innovate, to work alongside leading experts, to get a better pay package, for development. They, like this company, are all looking to embrace the Extraordinary. We are here for people who want to get out and do great work for clients, who enjoy being judged on results, who expect to share in the success they create.